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Which two pieces of data must be available to establish the complete recommended IBM Spectrum Protect solution? (Select two.)


  1. Storage performance analysis
  2. Network switch configuration
  3. Service Level Agreement
  4. Skills inventory
  5. Software application inventory


Answer: A,E



An IBM Spectrum Protect server is configured with open registration mode. On which domain are new clients assigned?


  1. the Backup-Archive Clientprompts for the desired domain
  2. the domain defined in the DOMAIN option of the client configuration
  3. the domain on the server, which has the DEFAULTDOMAIN parameter set
  4. the domain STANDARD


Answer: D



Which three types of clients can be scheduled with the +Schedule (Add Schedule) wizard in the Operations Center? (Select three.)


  1. Storage agent
  2. Application
  3. System
  4. File
  5. NAS
  6. Virtual


Answer: A,B,C


A:IBM Spectrum Protect provides the capability for a client, through a storage agent, to directly back up and restore data to a tape library on a SAN. This type of data movement is also known as LAN-free data movement.


B:The application agentprovides the necessary support to implement snapshot-based backup and restore operations. This agent interacts with the applications and tracks when an IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot backup is created for a specific application.



What is the purpose of the validate replpolicy command?


  1. to display all policies on the source with destination=replicate
  2. to activate and validate all policies on the target with destination=replicate
  3. to activate and validate the policy set's managementclass with the Replicate Copy Group
  4. to ensure no mistakes have been made defining the replication policy


Answer: B



VALIDATE REPLPOLICY (Verify the policies on the target replication server)

Use this command to compare the policies for client nodes on the source replication server with the same policies on the target replication server where the client node data is being replicated.




Which two statements are true regarding enabling Administrative command routing? (Select two.)


  1. The servers should beregistered to each other usingRegister servercommand.
  2. Common administrator ID, password and authority must be available on the IBM Spectrum Protect servers.
  3. Common administrator ID 'SERVER_CONSOLE' available on all the IBM Spectrum Protect serversis used.
  4. Command routing is not dependent on any administrator ID.
  5. The servers should be defined to each other usingDefine servercommand.


Answer: B,E


To route commands to other servers, you must have the same administrator ID and password as well as the required administrative authority on each server to which the command is being routed. You cannot route commands to other servers from the server console.


Each server that is identified as the target of a routed command must first be defined using the DEFINE SERVER command. 


Note: Command routing allows you to route commands to one or more servers for processing and then collect the output from these servers.



Which file contains the client system options for Linux?


  1. dsm.opt
  2. dsm.cfg
  3. dsm.ini
  4. dsm.sys


Answer: A




By default, the client-user options file is nameddsm.opt.




Which statement is true regarding inline data deduplication and client-side data deduplication?


  1. inline server data deduplication uses the same data deduplicationxthat is used byclient-side data deduplication and existing server-side data deduplication with the IDENTIFY process.
  2. Inline server data deduplication is adapted from the ProtecTier data deduplication algorithm and is different from the client side deduplication algorithm
  3. Client side deduplication will influence inline server data deduplication and chunks will be optimized
  4. Client side deduplication has no influence on inline server deduplication, because the data will be reorganized in container pool structure


Answer: A


Does the inline data deduplication use the same data deduplication methods as client-side data deduplication?

Yes, inline server data deduplication uses the same data deduplication algorithms that is used by client-side data deduplication and existing server-side data deduplication with the IDENTIFY process.




What differentiates the IBM Spectrum Protect Suite Entry version from the IBM Spectrum Protect Suite Enterprise version?


  1. deduplication is not supported
  2. limited to only one IBM Spectrum Protect server
  3. limited to server-side directory containers
  4. limited to 100 TB of data managed


Answer: D


IBM Spectrum Protect Suite Entry and Protect Suite Entry - Front End enable up to 100 TB of data protection and no longer have a limitation for the number of Spectrum Protect Servers being protected.



A: Deduplication is supported.

B: IBM Spectrum Protect Entry, formerly knownas IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Entry, is a low cost solution on per manager server licensing for smaller enterprises.

The offering supports up to 50 servers of which 10 can be virtual host servers.

Up to 2 Spectrum Protect servers per customer



What is a critical resource for the requirement to replicate all backup data as quickly as possible to ensure SLAs are maintained?


  1. Extended SAN
  2. Firewall policies
  3. Multiple WAN circuits
  4. Network bandwidth


Answer: D



Which process is used to automatically move content from one volume to another thus freeing up volumes as either empty or scratch volumes?


  1. reclamation
  2. defragmentation
  3. deduplication
  4. expiration


Answer: A


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